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Current National President: Mrs. Sherelle T. Carper


National History

In July of 1935, Mrs. Ollie Chinn Porter, President of the New York Club, extended an invitation to local clubs organized as Business and Professional Women’s Clubs to join and form a national organization. The Founders were Emma Odessa Young, Ollie Chinn Porter, and Effie Diton of New York City; Bertha Perry Rhodes, Josephine B. Keene, and Adelaide Flemming of Philadelphia; and Pearl Flippen of Atlantic City.


After a year of meetings, the first convention was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey on July 9-11, 1936. Mrs. Ollie Chinn Porter was elected as the first national president. The aim of this newly formed national organization was then, as it is today, to attract women of high caliber to organize similar clubs within their communities. Facing the realities of the times, their daring and inspiring goals were to share their experiences and exchange information; to protect their interests; and to encourage and develop opportunities for black women in businesses and professions.

The founders were owners, managers, college graduates, and other professionally licensed women, who had managed to realize some measure of personal success. NANBPWC, Inc., has grown in numbers and scope, conducting many needed community service activities that go far beyond the original purpose. Women have come a long way and so has NANBPWC, Inc

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